Feedback post!

This post is for if you'd like to leave comments or feedback on the exchange. Feedback is really helpful and lets us know what to do next time; let us know your experiences. Positive or negative.

This post has screened comments (if you want you can ask it to be unscreened, but they are screened by default) and anonymous commenting is enabled.

authors revealed!

I revealed the authors last night but didn't post so oops, here is your very delayed announcement that authors are revealed. This wraps up Lost Library/Invisible Ficathon 2015!

If you didn't comment on your gift, please do so now.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the exchange--it couldn't happen without you! Especial thanks to all the pinch-hitters who stepped up.


I don't know how many people will use this - this is quite a small exchange! - but if you guys would like to link any recs posts, or even just recs for your gift fic, go ahead and do so below. AO3 also has a bookmark function. Do spread the word if you can (esp on tumblr, since this exchange is so DW-based), a lot of great stuff got written this round!

Remember to leave a comment for your author on the fic!


Check out the collection:! 32 works in 50 fandoms!

Please leave a comment for your writer (and other writers in the collection), and rec far and wide!

Authors will be revealed next week.


All the assignments are in! Many, many thanks to all the pinch hitters who stepped up, and to all the participants for turning in all this lovely fic.

Thus the exchange WILL open on the evening of the 18th, and not any earlier. I encourage everyone to treat - they can be posted directly to the collection and do not have a minimum word count.

Here's a list of requests, which can be sorted by fandom:
Here's a list of all the fandoms requested, with most needy (ie no one offered them) at the top:


TAKEN. Thank you!

As with the others, if you would like to claim this pinchhit, email me or reply to this post (all comments are screened).

Please include your AO3 name when claiming, so I can assign you the pinchhit.

This pinch hit is due June 16th (past the regular deadline). If you can do this but need a little more time, comment and I can discuss it with you.

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deadline approaching very quickly!

Stories are due in about six and some hours, 11:59 PM EDT Sunday July 12. COUNTDOWN here if you need it.

I will close the collection for awhile tonight to make sure everyone has a story, but I will open it again (and it will remain open) till the 18th so treats can be added. The collection will not open earlier than the evening of the 18th, and hopefully not later either, though the latter isn't guaranteed.

Deadline reminder

Coming down to the last stretch - assignments are due in about a day and a half - here's a countdown - SUNDAY JULY 12, 11:59PM EDT.

Pinch hit 3

TAKEN! Thanks everyone.

If you would like to claim this pinchhit, email me or reply to this post (all comments are screened).

Please include your AO3 name when claiming, so I can assign you the pinchhit.

This pinch hit is due June 15th (past the regular deadline). If you can do this but need a little more time, comment and I can discuss it with you.

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Your stories are due Sunday June 12, 11:59 PM EDT. That is approximately 1 week and 3 days. Here's a countdown.

The deadline to default consequence-free is THIS SUNDAY, Sunday July 5th, 11:59 PM EDT.

In the meantime--
No more pinchhit, whew. There is an OPEN PINCHHIT!
Volunteer to CHEERLEAD or BETA!
Feel free to TREAT unsuspecting fest participants!

Remember - this fest is anonymous. Please don't contact your recipients or talk about your assignment publicly!

Pinch hit 2

TAKEN! Thank you!

If you would like to claim this pinchhit, email me or reply to this post (all comments are screened).

Please include your AO3 name when claiming, so I can assign you the pinchhit.

The story is due on July 12th, same deadline as the regular exchange. If you think you can take the pinchhit but need more time, email me and we can talk.

Apologies to the people signed up on the pinchhit list - I can't get it to work at the moment, I'm afraid! If you know someone who's signed up but not following the comm, feel free to point them here.

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Beta post

This is the post where you can put your name up for beta-reading or cheerleading help. (Betas usually provide spelling/grammar/punctuation, sentence/paragraph/story editing, character/plot help, etc. Cheerleaders are usually less critical and are focused on helping the writer write the initial drafts of the story by cheering them on, bouncing ideas back and forth, etc.)

If you'd like to put your name in so that an author can contact you, just copy and paste the form here and put it in the comments. Anyone can offer to beta - you don't need to have an LJ/DW account, or be signed up to this exchange, or even have an AO3 account (if you're not participating, under "AO3 name", put that you're not participating so authors know). Don't forget this exchange is anonymous - PM or email prospective betas, please!

Letters post! (dear librarian letters)

By request, you can link your letters on this post. You can also view the all the requests on AO3 here:

If you have a placeholder right now, you need to finish it within a day or two - be fair to your writer!

Edited to say that to whoever came up with dear librarian, you (all?) are brilliant at naming things, much better than me, so I shall now co-opt the phrase.


TAKEN - thanks everyone!

Please reply to this post (comments are screened) or email me at with your AO3 username if you can take the pinchhit.

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Assignments out!

Assignments are out! Check the email you have linked with AO3.

Remember, your gift fic must be at least 500 words, finished, and submitted to the Lost Library collection by July 12th 11:59PM EDT. There is one pinchhit and one very lucky person got double-assigned. For the double-assignment, I chose from the possible recipients using; the writers have been notified. (And on that note, I hope many, many treats are written so the guessing game isn't obvious! :) This exchange is anonymous; please don't talk about your assignment until reveals.

Regarding "finished stories": your fic should feel complete. Since this exchange is devoted to writing the lost works, some of which are rather large-scale works like novels, "finished" does not require the entire work. It's absolutely and completely fine if you write an excerpt, but don't leave your reader feeling like only part of the fic was posted onto AO3!

Remember you are writing a gift for someone. Please respect your recipient's requests where possible, and try to write something you think they will like.

The deadline to default is July 5, 11:59 PM EDT. If you are unable to write the fic for whatever reason, you can default consequence-free any time before that; we understand life happens. If you know you need to default, please default as soon as you know to give pinchhitters as much time as possible.

Treats are very encouraged! They can be any length and should be submitted into the Lost Library 2015 collection (main collection).

If you believe your assignment has an error (you did not offer anything they are requesting), did not receive the assignments email from AO3, need help with AO3, have questions about the assignment or about the exchange, feel free to email me at

Happy writing!


The Lost Library exchange is open for sign-ups!

Number of requests (1 fandom each): minimum 4, maximum 8
--> each request must include at minimum 1, maximum 3 "characters", ie lost works.

Number of offers (1 fandom each): minimum 4, maximum 10
--> each request must include at minimum 1 lost work, and maximum 8. Remember, the character field = lost work.

Matching will be OR. This means that if you request A, B, and C, and a writer offers C, D, and E, they may be matched to you.

I am going to try to match on the lost works themselves (i.e. character-level matching, not fandom level). However, if the matching just doesn't work, I'll switch to fandom level. If the character-level matching doesn't work, I will let you guys know as soon as possible.

NOTE: The ANY option is enabled for both offers and requests. If you request "ANY" in a fandom, that means your writer may offer any of the lost works in that fandom and be matched to you. If you offer "ANY", you may be matched to someone simply requesting that fandom or any combination of lost works in that fandom. If you are not sure, please ask - they're very wide ways of matching you to someone.

I've left a URL field for linking a letter - I very very strongly encourage you to write a letter, since there is so much scope in what can be written. Give your writer an idea of what you want, what you don't like! I will put up a post on this comm to link letters, but requests will also be visible.

If you don't want to write a letter, write a little something in the description box so your writer knows a bit about what you want.

Now, down to business - here is the tagset:
and here is the sign up link!:

Signups are open till Sunday June 14th, 11:59 PM EDT.

Tag clean-up closing in about 5 hours

Deadline for tag clean up is approaching - in about 5 hours, or 11:59PM EDT. I will open signups once all the corrections are in, so if there are mistakes please let me know. A comment on this post or the preceding post works.

Nominations clean-up period

Nominations are closed - thank you to everyone who nominated! We have more than 300 lost library works nominated.

From now until Thursday June 4, 11:59 PM EDT, you can leave comments here if a tag has been misspelled, there are duplicates, or you believe your nomination has been wrongly rejected, etc.

The tag set is here:
To check your own nominations, go to the tagset and click "My Nominations" at the top.

update on schedule, nominations, BRAINSTORMING POST

0. (because trawling through a comm looking for a link is annoying), instructions on how to nominate - please read them! - are here; nominations are here.

1. For anyone who might have been looking at the schedule, you might have seen it was changed; I forgot to include a few vital dates (such as, er, signups) and so I've amended it. The time for writing and such are unchanged, you still have the same amount of time, but if you know that you will be really busy around June and July you may want to look at the revised schedule. The schedule shouldn't have to be changed after this.

Schedule: )

2. It's really exciting to see so many nominations! If there are any problems, feel free to comment on a post or again email me, I'll do my best to reply promptly.

3. Feel free to use this post to talk about what you're nominating, to drum up excitement for your lost fic ideas, or to swap/coordinate nominations.