Jun. 17th, 2015

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Assignments are out! Check the email you have linked with AO3.

Remember, your gift fic must be at least 500 words, finished, and submitted to the Lost Library collection by July 12th 11:59PM EDT. There is one pinchhit and one very lucky person got double-assigned. For the double-assignment, I chose from the possible recipients using random.org; the writers have been notified. (And on that note, I hope many, many treats are written so the guessing game isn't obvious! :) This exchange is anonymous; please don't talk about your assignment until reveals.

Regarding "finished stories": your fic should feel complete. Since this exchange is devoted to writing the lost works, some of which are rather large-scale works like novels, "finished" does not require the entire work. It's absolutely and completely fine if you write an excerpt, but don't leave your reader feeling like only part of the fic was posted onto AO3!

Remember you are writing a gift for someone. Please respect your recipient's requests where possible, and try to write something you think they will like.

The deadline to default is July 5, 11:59 PM EDT. If you are unable to write the fic for whatever reason, you can default consequence-free any time before that; we understand life happens. If you know you need to default, please default as soon as you know to give pinchhitters as much time as possible.

Treats are very encouraged! They can be any length and should be submitted into the Lost Library 2015 collection (main collection).

If you believe your assignment has an error (you did not offer anything they are requesting), did not receive the assignments email from AO3, need help with AO3, have questions about the assignment or about the exchange, feel free to email me at silverflight8@livejournal.com.

Happy writing!
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By request, you can link your letters on this post. You can also view the all the requests on AO3 here: http://archiveofourown.org/collections/lostlibrary2015/requests.

If you have a placeholder right now, you need to finish it within a day or two - be fair to your writer!

Edited to say that to whoever came up with dear librarian, you (all?) are brilliant at naming things, much better than me, so I shall now co-opt the phrase.
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TAKEN - thanks everyone!

Please reply to this post (comments are screened) or email me at silverflight8@livejournal.com with your AO3 username if you can take the pinchhit.

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