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TAKEN - thanks everyone!

Please reply to this post (comments are screened) or email me at with your AO3 username if you can take the pinchhit.

Fandom: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell - Susanna Clarke
Eighteen Wonders to be Found in the House of Albion - Francis Pevensey
The Tree of Learning by Martin Pale (book)
Curiose Observations upon the Anatomie of Faeries - Holgarth and Pickle


When it comes to Curiose Observations, I can't help imagining something along the lines of Robert Kirk's The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies (available online here), though given how strange and often terrible the world of Faerie is in Jonathan Strange, I suppose it could be something quite different, and perhaps more alarming. Little seems to be known of Holgarth and Pickle - did they perhaps become too involved in their anatomising, and subject to contamination or revenge? (Body horror optional but welcome!)

When it comes to the works by Pevensy and Pale, I'm particularly curious to see if they display any trace of the relationship between the two magicians revealed by the 1754 discovery of a series of love letters from Martin Pale to Francis Pevensey - letters that identified Pevensey as not only Pale's lover but as most likely also (going by the extensive rhapsodising over 'milk white breasts') a woman. [I should totally have nominated those letters, too, shouldn't I. Perhaps an excerpt or two could still make an appearance?] I'm particularly interested in Pevensey's take on the relationship: we know Martin Pale was her magical instructor, for instance, and her work has been called 'minor' while he stands acclaimed amongst the foremost ranks of Argentine magicians. Are there hints of resentment? Of devotion? Of exploitation, running either way?

And, of course, there is still a lot to work with if touching on the romance doesn't grab you. Martin Pale was the last magician to enter Faerie until Jonathan Strange himself - does he attempt to describe the experience? And is this even correct? The 'House of Albion' sounds like a chorographical conceit, sure, but it could also almost be a place in Faerie itself.

It occurs to me as well that, with or without bringing romance to the fore, little evidence beyond the obvious exists to suggest that 'Martin Pale' was any more a man than Francis Pevensey. Do either of their works include mention of the risks and rewards of subtle glamours in allowing an enterprising woman magician freedom of movement and study, perhaps?

Fandom: The Sandman (Comics)
Narnia (guidebook)


I'm pretty sure the panel where the Narnia guidebook makes an appearance doesn't reveal the author. So that's one place to start - and, hell, I'll come straight out and say that my mind jumps to Susan, with all the bittersweet and/or fix-it possibilities that entails. But it could just as well be a Sandman character - Dream himself? Barbie, that seasoned traveller of fantastical worlds? Wanda, before or after her death? Also, what about annotations - courtesy of Lucien, perhaps?

And then there's the matter of which times and places the guidebook covers. I'd love to see an excerpt focusing on one of the less-seen parts of Narnia: Calormen, or one of the marvellous islands encountered by the Dawn Treader. Feel free to touch on places we didn't even see in the books, as long as they remain recognisably Narnian - and, in terms of time period, anywhen would be fine: perhaps the guidebook is a long-term project, added to by different authors across the centuries?

I should add that I'm open to any kind of take on the Christian elements of the Narnia books, from the jaundiced to the mystical. Also, something that goes for all my requests: I have no hardline squicks or triggers, and would welcome fic of absolutely any form and tone.

Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
plays of the Ember Island Players


So, thanks to Zuko, we know that the Players butchered Love Among The Dragons EVERY YEAR, but what else was in their repertoire? I'm not sure if I can improve on the suggestions made by the other person who requested this, but, yes, Tales Of Avatars Past! Possibly (from a future company of actors) including Aang and co! An embarrassing roman à clef full of mortifying speculations on the love life of Fire Lord Zuko? A strident political work full of ominous pro-Ozai sentiment from the years after the war? A play from the time of Avatar Korra that includes parts for theatrically-minded spirits (and work-arounds for when they have mysterious spirit business to attend to)? An account (possibly also embarrassing!) of the romance between Avatar Korra and Asami Sato, complete with a wildly inaccurate take on their adventures in the Spirit World?

Helpful stage directions detailing Totally Awesome special effects or 'hilarious' stage business, appended opening night reviews, or aggrieved annotations by Zuko (hell, by anyone - Sokka? Toph?!) would be excellent also.

Fandom: Il nome della rosa | The Name of the Rose - Umberto Eco
Aristotle's 2nd book of Poetics on Comedy


No very useful suggestions here, but if you could pull off some excerpts from this one I'd be thrilled and impressed. Feel free to draw on the Tractatus coislinianus, maybe? Play around with a take on Aristophanes? Go meta and have Aristotle give a barely-concealed defence of the comedic pleasures of fic? :D


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